NovoBind Livestock Therapeutics is an agri-biotech company working to combat rising resistance to anti-infectives and their accumulating residue in the environment. We do this by developing next-generation biologics that target and neutralize the specific bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause intestinal ailments in livestock, aquaculture, and pets. Our novel biotherapeutic solutions are based on nanobodies (or single domain antibodies) and provide a complementary alternative to conventional treatments.


We are continually expanding the team with exceptional, passionate and purposeful colleagues.   Our aim is to have a global impact with sustainable practices.   We are currently looking for: 

A passionate individual with an innovative mind

An experienced lab tech that is a leader in the making

A well-rounded planner with a passion for mentoring young scientists

An experienced scientist and planner with a passion for mentoring young scientists

A team player with an interest in entering the field of science

1021 West Hastings
MNP tower 9th floor,
Vancouver, BC
V6E 0C3, Canada
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