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Junior Laboratory Technician

Vancouver, BC, Canada

August 1, 2023

Job Type

Full Time


On site

Junior Laboratory Technician

Are you a fresh graduate looking to kickstart your career path in life sciences? Looking to make a difference in the world?  If so, then you are the purposeful individual we are looking for.

About NovoBind

Cutting edge? Check. Amazing cause? Check. Check. If you’re a talented Junior Laboratory Technician who wants to make a difference in the world, keep reading.

NovoBind Livestock Therapeutics is an agri-biotech company working to combat rising antibiotic resistance. We do this by developing next generation biologics that target and neutralize the specific bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause microbiome-based ailments in livestock and aquaculture. Our novel biotherapeutic solutions, based on nanobodies (or single domain antibodies), present an innovative alternative to conventional treatments.

The impact of our work is economic and social—and widespread. Our targeted antimicrobials help to prevent animal diseases, improving the health and treatment of livestock while reducing the risk of major outbreaks. This in turn prevents economic losses in the agriculture and aquaculture industries, and stops dangerous pathogens from entering the environment or reaching the consumer food market. Our work even crosses over into the health of companion animals and plants, and may one day yield solutions for human illnesses as well.


Who We Are

A highly specialized team of biochemists, microbiologists, veterinary pathologists, academics and business professionals with a shared ambition to become the global leaders in targeted antimicrobials. We innovate three times before breakfast and show up to work wearing our favourite science-themed t-shirts. We value work-life balance but also recognize that, as a small team with big ambitions, we sometimes have to grab a latte and pull a late night when needed.

Who You Are

Maybe a veteran in your field or maybe a newbie, but definitely a Junior Laboratory Technician with a creative flair. You thrive on challenges that force you to step outside the box and shine in a collaborative work environment. You get out of bed in the morning because you’re passionate about what you do and you want to use your talents to do good in the world. You’re always there to support your team because you recognize that our work isn’t just a job, it’s a mission.



  1. Share our passion for scientific excellence and team-based approaches to fast-paced R&D

  2. Master new tasks safely and efficiently

  3. Support and collaborate effectively with colleagues to meet project timelines

  4. Broaden your skill set by participating in projects throughout NovoBind’s R&D pipeline. Techniques include but are not limited to:

    1. Cloning, protein expression and protein purification

    2. Reagent preparation, equipment maintenance and inventory

    3. Conduct basic in vitro assays for functional characterization

  5. Follow directions and written protocols accurately

  6. Record, verify and analyze data accurately using established protocols and scientific knowledge

  7. Present results effectively in technical reports and group meetings; contribute ideas in scientific discussions

  8. Effectively use knowledge, judgement and understanding of specific procedures to maximize accuracy and productivity


Qualification and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree and 1 to 2 years experience (including Co-op experience) in biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, or antibody discovery.

  2. Experience in a biotech start-up company is an asset.


Who We Are Looking For

  1. A team member who communicates effectively and constructively with others

  2. An individual who is self-motivated, detail-oriented and organized

  3. An innovator who enjoys finding ways to overcome challenges

  4. A person who enjoys using tools and systems to maximize productivity and to produce high quality work

  5. A self-proclaimed nerd (and proud of it!) who loves to expand their knowledge

  6. A purposeful and positive individual who adapts well to changes

  7. You are a fan of several of the following people: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Alexander Fleming, Max Perutz, César Milstein, Temple Grandin, Chris Hadfield, Elton John, Madeleine Albright, Tu-Pac, Craig Venter, Margaret Hamilton, Elizabeth Blackwell, Rosalind Franklin, Will Ferrell, Wright Brothers, Edmund Hillary, Empedocles, Patrick Stewart, Motoo Kimura, Margaret Thatcher, George Orwell



In addition to professional development opportunities, we offer competitive salaries with paid vacation, self-directed health benefits and stock options commensurate with experience and performance.


How To Apply

Please forward your unofficial undergraduate transcript, cover letter, CV and the five people from the list above you are a fan of to with the job title in the subject line. Due to the large number of applications we receive, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.


Thank you for your interest and application!

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